Portable Container Offices

Are you looking for a safe and convenient portable office with all the amenities like toilets, HVAC and pantry? Look no further, a container turned office space is the smart option.
Stackable, portable, modular and endlessly customizable, these container offices come in multiple sizes from 8ft to 40ft, and if you need a waiting room added to it with exquisite flooring to impress your guest? Why not! That's possible too.
MFC Concepts are the leading and most experienced container conversion company in the Middle East, be it the BOXPARK Dubai or taking containers to the highest peak in UAE for the RAK Zipline, we have done it all.  
Our container office solutions are highly portable and offer comfortable working space for the end-users, made of high-quality steel the core container structure provides a highly durable and strong base to make various modifications like weatherproofing and custom electrical and plumbing features which are will tougher to implement in a normal brick and mortar building. 

Why should you convert a container into an office?
One of the first reasons you should convert a container to an office is the low cost and time saving associated with it and the advantage of it being movable and scalable. Secondly, the option of having it built as per requirement and changing it easily whenever the need arises makes it futureproof and can save you a lot of money. Thirdly, container offices do not need a deep foundation, unlike a normal building, a solid flat surface is all you need to be place your own bespoke office.

Container Offices for Lease & Sale
We have ready stock of prefabricated container office in our yards at Dubai and Qatar for short and long-term lease and sale. Available in various configuration ranging from 10ft to 40ft and with amenities like pantry, washroom and HVAC, these containers are the perfect solutions for your next offsite project or for a temporary office setup. Backed by our logistic arm, Modern Freight Company our team of expert technicians can set up these containers quickly at your site and remove them once you are done with them.  


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