Oil and Gas, Offshore and Mining

Demand for offshore containers has steadily grown within the Oil and Gas sector. Offshore containers are built to last, even in extreme conditions.
MFC has developed an international reputation for providing quality, safe, and cost-effective solutions to the Oil/Gas, marine, and shipbuilding industries. We are professionals in producing and delivering standard and customized containers, cabins, and modules according to the highest offshore standards of DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 to the global market.

These specialized Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs) are manufactured to the highest levels of quality standards, ensuring reliability and safety in high-risk cargo movement scenarios. Our offshore units are “rig-ready” and DNV certified, complete with certified slings and shackles.

MFC Concepts supplies a variety of offshore units including workshops, laboratories, equipment rooms, accommodation, offices, control rooms, offshore diving chambers, cargo baskets, chemical tanks, mini dry containers, dry containers, offshore reefers, caged reefers, chiller containers, open-top containers, skips and half-height containers

We have a wide range of high-quality offshore products in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 / EN 12079 standards.

Product Range:

  • DNV Offshore Containers (CCU’s)
  • Standard Containers
  • Mini Containers
  • Half Height Containers
  • DNV Reefer Containers
  • DNV Offshore Baskets & Skids
  • DNV Slings
  • DNV Waste Skips
  • DNV Workshops, Control Rooms, etc

MFC offers a rapid-response bespoke service where we modify offshore containers to exact specifications, within short time frames. This can include Offshore Workshops, Offices, Accommodation Units and more.

We can also arrange refurbishment and recertification of offshore units by DNV.

What we can do:

  •  We have DNV type approvals for 5’, 6’, 8’, 10’, 10’ HH, 20’, 20’ HC, 20’ HH, 20’
    Reefer containers (specs sheet and type approvals can be shared with you if required.)
  •  Refurbishment & Re-certification of offshore containers and cargo baskets.
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