Container Repairs & Maintenance

Keeping assets working and earning requires upkeep. MFC Concepts has the hands-on knowledge, professionals, parts, equipment to manage our client's containers and keep them in the best condition for utilization.


We assess the container conditions by our IICL technically qualified professionals. We provide clients with detailed reports and pictures, clearly outlining the recommendation and cost for repair. Once confirmed, the repairs are undertaken in our yard immediately. The final inspection provides additional assurance that the equipment is fit and ready for use.

Some of the container repair work we do is listed below: 

  • Repairing shipping container flooring
  • Leveling container walls
  • Reefer container repairs
  • Replacing shipping container door seals
  • Patching container holes and filling cracks
  • Roof repair
  • Washing and cleaning shipping containers and tank

Container Fumigation

Container Fumigation is a process in which pests, viruses, and bacteria are killed by using fumigants. During these Covid-19 times, container fumigation is one of the mandatory processes which is being made mandatory by different countries before the container is loaded onto a ship. Once fumigated we issue a third-party certificate and the container is ready for use.


MFC Concepts team will check that the containers are fit for use and in sea-worthy condition. We also have the authority to issue new Convention for Safe Containers (CSC) plates if the existing ones have expired. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team offers additional protection and assurance before the assets return to work.


When you work with MFC Concepts, you’re working with qualified professionals.  All our welding operators are certified to AWS D1.1


With a dedicated paint shop facility on-site, a quality fresh coat of marine paint can be added to your container as and when required. We paint containers required DFT and microns, all you need to do is pick the paint type and color, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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