eHouses are prefabricated modular substations with integrated lighting, HVAC, Fire & Gas Systems and mechanical systems which house medium and low voltage switchgear, critical power equipment and automation cabinets. eHouses are predominantly used in industries like infrastructure, data centres, railways, power generation, oil and gas, mineral extraction and processing. The plug and play nature of an eHouses delivers a cost-effective, mobile and low-risk solution to provide uninterrupted power to difficult to reach areas and or in places where construction of traditional brick and mortar substations is difficult or not economically viable. We can construct eHouses that are custom engineered to meet the application requirements with respect to the place, weather and power required.  
The long list of our delivered projects and a filled order book are the testimony of our expertise and the trust our customers have in us to deliver reliable and robust power supply solutions. With our talented in-house team of engineers and fully equipped facilities near the two of the biggest ports of the region Jebel Ali Port, Dubai and Hamad Port, Qatar, we are naturally the most trusted eHouse designer and manufacturer of the region for the world’s biggest electrical engineering companies like ABB, Siemens, Schneider etc.

The close vicinity to the ports puts us in an advantageous position in delivering the eHouses to different parts of the world with our logistic arm,Modern Freight Company.

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