Accommodation Containers

MFC Concepts is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of staff accommodation containers in the UAE and across the Middle East and Africa regions, with manufacturing and fabricating facilities in UAE and Qatar. Our accommodation containers are portable and are built to the highest quality standards which include ISO 9001:2015 and UAE's ICV certification. 

What are an accommodation container and its benefits? 
Accommodation containers are portable buildings made from repurposed shipping containers, which provide safe and comfortable housing for their users. Strong, sturdy, stackable and movable, these container-based accommodation units provide businesses with cost-effective housing solutions for their staff in remote areas or where land is at a premium. These housing units can be connected like Lego making them scalable and open for future modifications. 
These accommodation containers are self contained, providing comfortable living spaces with a high level of durability. They can be customizable and configured with fire, smoke and heat detection systems, air-conditioning, kitchens, and sanitary facilities and all types of beds. 
Why choose MFC Concepts?
With more than two decades of experience in container conversion, we provide our customers provide a complete range of solutions, which is reliable and of the highest quality. Be it a camp accommodation or a VIP accommodation, our experienced team of container fabricators will provide you with a bespoke solution as per your budget and needs.

Another benefit of working with us is our logistic expertise. Once constructed these accommodation containers can be shipped quickly and safely from our yards anywhere in the world by our logistic arm, Modern Freight Company. 

Accommodation container leasing solutions.
MFC Concepts have a wide variety of prefab accommodation cabins, container site offices, and toilets stocked at their depots for short and long term leasing. Available for ready deployment, these modular structures can be shipped, installed and again dismantled as per your schedule. 

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