Hospitals & Clinics:

Healthcare facilities are essential in any disaster, humanitarian, and emergency response operation. Shipping containers are versatile and highly customizable and can be converted into examination rooms, laboratories, quarantine cells, wards and much more. Container-based field hospital systems can be deployed quickly and due to their Lego-like structure, additional modules can be added. The electrical systems powering the life-saving equipment can be customized to connect with solar, generators or any other types of power supply, according to local requirements or constraints.

MFC can also fabricate high-quality modular construction for medical and clinical use, enabling scalability to any size. They are fitted with heat, smoke, and fire safety systems, and they can be built to any specification to withstand extremely harsh weather, whether it be summer heat in the Middle East and Africa or sub-zero winter temperatures in the Arctic.

The flexibility of our container and modular designs means they are durable, hardwearing and long-lasting, so you can expand in all directions like Lego. They are delivered for easy plug and play, which also allows you to relocate or reposition with speed, keeping them reusable for many years.

  • High-Quality Modular Construction for Medical & Clinical Use
  • Container-Based Field Hospital System
  • Reusable
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