Container Kitchens

What is a container kitchen?
A kitchen or a ghost kitchen converted from a shipping container is called a container kitchen. These containers can be a temporary or a permanent solution where cooking or processing of food is necessary. Containers repurposed as kitchens can be used for various applications like restaurants, cafeterias, festivals, dark kitchens, festivals, campsites, beaches or anywhere remote with minimal ground and civil works required.

Why we are the leaders in container kitchen conversion industry?
Our vast project portfolio ranges from massive container conversion projects to small F&B popup outlets in the UAE and also across the entire GCC region.

Our projects are well known, from BOX Park Dubai, Huqqabaaz Garden Restaurant, Australian Pavilion Kitchen, Jebel Jais Zipline welcome centre in Ras Al Khaimah, Padel Pro Dubai, UAE Food Bank and Soul Beach in Jebel Ali, have all earned MFC the trust of our clients and positioned MFC as the leading business with the expertise and knowledge to deliver the best container kitchen conversion services. Our portfolio is unrivalled in the Middle East and goes beyond mockups or renders, with actual completed and delivered projects, check out our gallery to know more about our work. 

Why converting a shipping container into a ghost kitchen is a great idea?
Ghost kitchens, a popular synonym for dark kitchens, satellite kitchens or a cloud kitchen, is a kitchen specifically built to cook and serve food through online food aggregators like Talabat, Deliveroo and Noon.

Low set-up cost and ease of operating are what make cloud kitchens popular and it is further augmented by converting shipping containers into cloud kitchen modules. Shipping containers intrinsically are durable and strong and are an ideal base for a kitchen, and they are more cost effective and sustainable compared to brick and mortar based structures due to their upgradability, mobility and scalability. 

The advantages of container kitchens are summed up below :-

  • Highly customizable as per your requirement and they are scalable and stackable due to their lego-like modules.
  • Shipping containers are weatherproof and have a long life compared to ordinary kitchens.
  • Ease of changing the layout and footprint due to the metal structure and modular design, whereas cement-based structures require costly and time-consuming civil works.
  • Standard plumbing and electrical equipment are used in the construction of modular kitchens, which makes them economical and maintenance-friendly in the long run.
  • Each unit comes with its own plug and play electrical and plumbing system including HVAC, ecology units and fire suppression systems.
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