Military, Humanitarian and Food Security

In the event of a disaster or a humanitarian crisis, a shipping container is a secure, mobile and quick option to provide emergency relief. The versatility of a shipping container to be converted to a climate-controlled field hospital, clinic, relief shelters, field office, accommodations, Command centers, secure storage for medicine and documents clearly outweighs the benefits of any other temporary structures like tents or flatpack solutions. (para) MFC Concepts can also fabricate modular structures, enabling scalability to any size, they are fitted with heat, smoke and fire safety systems, and they can be built to any specification to withstand extremely harsh weather, whether it be summer heat in the Middle East and Africa, or sub zero winter temperatures in the Arctic The flexibility of our container and modular designs means they are durable, hard wearing and long lasting, so you can expand in all directions like Lego. They are plug and play which also allows you to relocate or reposition with speed
With more than 2 decades of experience in container conversions, we can provide full turn-key solutions to any Crisis Management operation, including building & shipping of camp infrastructure and providing all required camp services all over the world with our logistic arm, Modern Freight Company which has more than 4 decades of experience in this field.

  • Plug and play.
  • Lego like the modular structure
  • Withstand harsh weather of the Middle- East region
  • Fire, smoke, and heat detection system
  • Durable, hard-wearing, and long-lasting
Hospital & Clinics
Secure Storage
Communication & Operation’s Centre’s
Camp Infrastructure
Food Security
Ablution Blocks
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