Why lease a container?

It doesn’t always make sense to buy containers.  Requirements can be short-term, cash flow may be tight, an asset-light company strategy… whatever the reason, if the purchase isn’t for you, MFC is here to help.

Standard containers.

MFC offers a range of lease solutions for standard containers. We will help guide you on the choice of container that is the best value for your intended use. Our standard container offerings are:

  • 20ft dry container (20DV, 20DC, 20GP)
  • 40ft dry container (40DV, 40DC, 40GP)
  • 40ft high-cube dry container (40HC, 40HQ)


Lease Reefer Containers

Middle East’s hot summers throw a challenge to keep the perishables intact, the extreme heat of the region demands the best-in-class reefer units to provide temporary cold storage solutions, especially for hotels, supermarkets, and restaurants. With the pandemic, the demand for reefer units has grown in high demand to store and transport vaccines across the world. Our fully serviced and maintained units are tested and ready for operation – any time of the year.
For complete peace of mind, we can also offer a comprehensive service contract throughout the rental period:

Options include:

  • 20ft refrigerated container (20RF, 20’ Reefer)
  • 40ft refrigerated container (40RF, 40’ Reefer)


Lease accommodation containers

MFC Concepts designs and builds container-based accommodation solutions.  We maintain a ready stock of units for fast deployment and in a variety of arrangements.

We can also offer a comprehensive service contract throughout the rental period. Arrangements include:

  • Single occupancy
  • Double occupancy
  • Four-person occupancy
  • Six-person occupancy
  • Eight-person occupancy


Lease site facilities containers

MFC provides a range of site facility solution to customers within the UAE. Our units are designed and built on-site to MFC’s stringent standards, allowing us to get a range of flexible site facilities to be deployed quickly and cost-effectively. Some facilities include:

  • Ablution
  • Site Office
  • Canteen
  • Stores
  • Workshops 


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