Container Ablution Blocks

Our shipping container ablution solutions can be set up to provide sanitary solutions to different businesses like construction sites, events, film shoots, music festivals and post-disaster relief scenarios, where setting up ordinary brick and mortar toilets is not feasible. Made specifically to handle high traffic these modular units provide portability, functionality, and facilitation of quick and safe disposal of waste.  
Our portable ablution containers can be customised for specific uses with male and female facilities, urinals, showers, toilets, change rooms etc. 
Our containers also come with hot and cold water options, HVAC, and fire detection systems with anti-slip flooring for added safety. Easily customizable and available in various sizes ranging from 10ft to 40ft, our containers can be stacked together for better scalability and comfort. These containers come with plug and play electrical and plumbing systems like the ones used in ordinary buildings making them very easy to run and maintain by the client.

Sale and Lease of portable ablution blocks
MFC Concepts holds a ready stock of ablution container in UAE and Qatar, available for short- and long-term lease or sale. Built to the highest quality standards which include ISO 9001:2015 and UAE's ICV certification, these reliable and durable containers are backed by a team of experience technicians ready to give you a prompt service and maintenance. 

Why should you choose MFC Concepts?

With more than two decades of experience in this region, we are the most trusted container conversion company, backed by a legacy of standout projects such as the Dubai BOXPARK, Sheikh Khalifa Hospital, RAK Zipline, and UAE Food Banks. We have not only provided world-class retail and hospitality modules to these projects, but we have also provided reliable ablution and sanitation facilities as well. These projects, are long lasting and provide a worry-free experience to our clients with the MFC quality guarantee. Call us now to know more about container ablution solutions.


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