A eco-friendly hotel made out recycled containers in Texas
Posted on July 05, 2021

The Flophouze in Round Top, Texas is here to prove that eco-friendly hotels can be cool, too. All it takes is a few shipping containers and an eye for design.

"Born from Pure wanderlust, an inherited obligation to recycle, and a constant need to create, owner Matt White and his crew from Recycling The Past have created an amazing new concept in Round Top," the hotel explained on its website.

The hotel is made up of recycled shipping containers, each one gutted and then re-fitted with bedrooms and bathrooms, all using sustainably harvested wood from White's farm in upstate New York and reclaimed lumber from a distillery in Kentucky.

"To capture the vast pastoral views and great natural light, windows were installed that were salvaged from a school in Philadelphia that was slated for demolition," the team added on its website. "We keep the funky vibe going with kitchen cabinet bases from a laboratory in Brooklyn, and for the countertops, we used old bowling alley floors from Texas!"

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Image © - flophouze.com