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  • When the requirement has been to source products of high quality and in a timely manner, MFC have always provided the resource to investigate our needs to ensure the quality and delivery time scales are achievable. With the nature of our work this is of paramount importance. When we require a supplier or freight forwarder to undertake work for us we need the comfort that we know the work will be done and achieved as required. On numerous occasion MFC have stepped up to carry out work and have always taken on the task with the highest amount of professionalism. When there is a resolution to any difficult situation MFC have been and always will be intrusted with the work on our behalf and resolved the issue to allow us to continue with our projects in difficult areas of the world.

    Matthew Howe - Supply Chain Group Manager ,G3 Systems Ltd.
    United Kingdom
  • I want to say that we are VERY pleased with the product and will continue to recommend you guys for future events

    William Erkelens – COO , Alvimedica
    United States